Tips & Tricks for Caring for your Chelsea Reece Fashion

Tips & Tricks for Caring for your Chelsea Reece Fashion

Hi Chelsea Friends! 

Recently we‘ve been seeing lots of photos and videos online from our Chelsea community wearing their new dresses and bows. It is incredible to see something that started as an idea on a page turn into beautiful fashion! It makes our hearts so happy to see you bringing Chelsea Reece fashion with you on trips, to special events, and out on the town. This week, we wanted to give you some tips and tricks to care for your Chelsea Reece items so they last for years to come. 


Our dresses are meant to last as a closet staple. We were so excited to start this company as an alternative to fast fashion, and a dress that transcends ever-changing fads. With a silhouette that’s timeless and material made to last, Chelsea Reece dresses will be something that looks classic, year after year. To ensure your Chelsea Reece dress lasts, be sure to wash it on gentle and cold. Hang it to dry, and you should be all set for your next adventure. If you’re the proud owner of a Madonna or Journey dress with a corset back, we’d recommend tying the corset before washing. You can also bring your Chelsea Reece dress to a dry cleaner!

We strongly encourage you to steam or iron your dress before wearing it. We’d hate to see a gorgeous Chelsea Reece dress out in the wild not looking its best. Be sure to steam/iron on a low setting on the reverse side to remove wrinkles, and please do not heat it over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re taking your dress to a fabulous destination, we’d suggest a garment bag to be sure it arrives in the best condition. 

Hair Bows

Chelsea Reece hair bows are unique in that they are made from the same fabric as our gorgeous dresses are. When you pair a Chelsea Reece dress and bow together, you’re not only matching in color, but in style, texture and design. To ensure the most wear from your new favorite accessory, be sure to spot treat any stains and let air dry. The beret clasp can be wiped down with a cloth and gently hand dried. We’d also recommend applying hair products such as hairspray before donning your bow to avoid unnecessary chemicals interacting with the material. 

Bestie Bows

The bestie Bows are the perfect way for your furry friend to match with you! What’s better than being the best dressed on the block? Having a pet that looks just as gorgeous. We have three different variations to help you find the perfect fit for your animal sidekick. Our Pretty Bow is big and beautiful, perfect for dogs ready to stand out. The Bow Tie is perfect for smaller dogs that are looking for subtle sophistication. And lastly, our Cat Bow is perfect for all feline friends, dainty and elegant for all occasions. All of our Bestie Bows are removable for cleaning. The bows should be spot treated while the collars are machine washable. All of the hardware can be wiped down with soap and water. 

We hope these tips are helpful for caring for your Chelsea Reece products. If you have any questions, you can let us know at Chelsea Reece on Facebook or @bychelseareece on Instagram. Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to see you twirl! 



Chelsea Reece Social Media Manager