How to Style Chelsea Reece For Halloween

How to Style Chelsea Reece For Halloween

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It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and Halloween is right around the corner. Spooky season is not only a time for pumpkin flavored foods and telling ghost stories, it’s also an excuse to don your favorite costume! Young, old or in between, we here at Chelsea Reece believe dressing up and playing pretend is for all ages. Who says that us grown ups don’t want to be a character for the day! With Halloween near approaching, we thought that we’d share some ways to style Chelsea Reece dresses for the holiday. Instead of buying a plastic costume that you’ll only wear once, try adding a few accessories to your new favorite dress. Just like magic you’ve turned an ordinary dress into a Halloween costume that everyone will be talking about!

PS. The dresses featured in this post are currently “In Stock” on our site in a few sizes. None of the other accessories are sold by Chelsea Reece. 

The Dream Dress in Buttercup Yellow

The Dream Dress in Buttercup Yellow is perfect for the bookworm in your life! This gorgeous pale yellow dress is recognisable and timeless, and might even cause your furniture to come to life! I haven’t ever had Halloween candy that is as delicious as the gray stuff is, but M&Ms are a close second!

The Dream Dress in Carmen Scarlet

Who needs retail store Halloween costumes when you could be the Piston Cup Winner in our Carmen Scarlet dress! Pair it with a lightning bolt accessory, a cool jacket, and a tire purse for this charming spin on a well known Pixar character. Kachow!

The Dream Dress in Persephone Green

Our Persephone Green Dream Dress is perfect for giving out both candy and pixie dust! Paired with some wings and cute pom pom shoes, it’s easy to turn this dress into a sassy pixie! Let’s just hope the Lost Boys don’t run into any pirates while trick or treating!

The Dream Dress in Oopsie Daisy

Calling all members of the Resistance! Our Oopsie Daisy dress is perfect for fighting off the First Order and serving as the pilot of the X-Wing. This stunning color is perfect for Halloween and is sure to make an impression. The force is strong with this dress. 

The Dream Dress in Odette Ivory (Paired with our Coquette Pink Satin Bow!) 

Sassy, Stylish, and Sweet, this classic take on everyone's favorite darling duck is sure to turn heads this Halloween. Paired with our Coquette Pink Satin Hair Bow, the Dream Dress in Odette Ivory is a closet staple you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again.


The Dream Dress in Ingenue Blue

A costume that's functional and stunning? So THIS is love! Be the bell of the ball in our original Ingenue Blue Dream Dress. Pair with a headband, choker, gloves, and some fragile shoes to complete the look. We promise that the dress won’t turn to rags once Midnight hits. 

The Dream Dress in Party Pink

Our final costume installment is pretty in pink and oh so chic. Perfect for Halloween parties, trick or treating, or attending class at Harvard Law, the Dream Dress in Party Pink is a stunning dress that is easily recognizable and fun. We also sell matching dog bows in Party Pink, which we think Bruiser Woods would adore. 

What are you planning to dress as for Halloween? Let us know on social media at Chelsea Reece on Facebook or @bychelseareece on Instagram. Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to see you twirl! 



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