Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the blog

Hi there, Darling! This path of creating a company from a school program has been an insane one. We have experienced so much and have so much planned that we did NOT want to forget it. So, we are starting a blog to document this beautiful journey. 

Welcome to the blog! We are going to start this blog off from the beginning. And that beginning is with Teresa. 


This is Teresa

Teresa Jack wearing Elphie

Teresa is the self-proclaimed leader of the international girl gang. She's a girls girl. She is a lover of travel, romance, boy bands, New York City, and boba. Her pups, Eros and Watson, are her everything. 

From a young age, Teresa has always been creative. 

From photo series to cosplay. From hair school to professional theater, she always finds an outlet. 

Along with her creative side, Teresa is a HUSTLER. She has a sharp sense of entrepreneurship and has the drive to make things happen. For example, to earn extra money to survive living in NYC, Teresa sang on the subway and lived off of the tips. 

For the past several years Teresa has lived in Utah dabbling in many other business ventures which eventually led us to here. Chelsea Reece. 

Teresa has always had two career goals in life: be a Broadway actress or to be a fashion designer. She is a lover of musical theater and has paved her way as an actress landing roles in professional theater however Chelsea Reece was born putting the theater to the side. 

Well, kind of. Theater is still very much the forefront of Teresa's life right now. Although not on stage, Chelsea Reece was started with a design Teresa made with musical theater in mind!

The. Perfect. Audition. Dress. 

The Dream Dress moves in a way to highlight you in any audition. It has the most perfect twirl with POCKETS. And did I mention a modesty slip to make sure there's no flashing while trying to land the role?? No wardrobe malfunctions over here. 

This dress has proven to be more than a performance dress though. It is great for many special occasions. 

It has also proven to be a life-changing dress...but more of that in the next blog. 

We plan on posting the blog weekly so make sure you stay tuned for all the Chelsea Reece updates and potential discount codes. 



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