The Chelsea Reece Company

The mission of Chelsea Reece is to celebrate femininity through inspiring connection with the most beautiful parts of yourself, reflecting on your inner child, and encouraging inclusivity in all aspects of life.



Our Story: 

What started as a school project became a viral sensation when Teresa Jack's solution to wardrobe malfunctions on the dance floor connected with millions on TikTok. A dress designed to twirl while preventing exposing yourself was a feature that Teresa didn't see in what was being manufactured, so she produced her own in a community college entrepreneurship program. The impact of this dress unveiled not only a generation of women dissatisfied by the dresses being produced for them, but inspired a community of modern ingenues seeking more elegance in their daily lives. The Chelsea Reece company was born as a lifestyle company that upholds loveliness, kindness, gentility, and grace.  

The Original Blue dress, worn by Lindsey Rodriguez, March 2023 


 Our Core Values: 

  1. Elegance: We strive for a culture of elegance in all aspects of our work, from product design to customer interactions. We embrace sophistication and refined aesthetics to create an enchanting experience that marries elegance with function. (Our clothing will always have pockets.)

  2. Empowerment: Foster a culture of empowerment where every team member is encouraged to take ownership, make decisions, and contribute their unique strengths. Empowerment leads to innovation and growth.

  3. Inclusion: We cultivate a culture of inclusivity, that invites everyone to participate through representation and outreach. We celebrate the beauty that is already in us all and leave an open seat at every table.

  4. Community Spirit: We embrace a community-centric culture that values teamwork, collaboration, and mutual support. We nurture a sense of belonging and camaraderie among team members bridging the gap in manufacturing, creating a united Chelsea Reece community.

  5. Kindness: We Prioritize an atmosphere of inspiring positivity that uplifts team members and customers alike. We encourage a positive outlook, kindness, and a can-do attitude that radiates in every interaction.

  6. Transparency: We uphold transparency in all our endeavors, valuing open communication and honesty in our interactions with customers, team members, and manufacturing partners. We strive to provide quality products and fulfilling work for our team members at all levels. 

The Ingenue Spirit

We personify the spirit of an ingenue, capturing the unburdened essence of a dancer lost in the joy of movement. Our brand radiates the kindness that defines a princess, embracing a benevolent and compassionate approach. Just as the gentlest souls extend their care to animals, our embodiment of this compassion creates a sense of companionship and connection.

Go Gently. Love and be loved.