Where to wear Chelsea Reece

Where to wear Chelsea Reece

Hi Chelsea Friends! 

We’re officially six months into being a company and we still can’t believe it. We’ve had so many amazing moments, met so many incredible Chelsea friends, and have created a business! We’re so thankful to you all for your support and love over the past six months! We couldn’t do it without you.

In one of my first conversations with our founder Teresa, I told her “My dress by Chelsea Reece dress is so gorgeous… I don’t know where to wear it!” Besides the occasional wedding or formal event, I couldn’t think of other instances to wear my beautiful new dress. After I started working for the company and seeing so many beautiful Chelsea friends wearing their dresses out in the world, I started to see just how many opportunities there are to twirl in a dress by Chelsea Reece. If you’re looking for an excuse to wear your beautiful new dress, here’s a few of my favorites. 

Performing Arts Experiences

Spending the night at the symphony or ballet? Attending an opera or a theatrical production? A dress by Chelsea Reece is exactly what you should choose to wear! Originally modeled after the beauty and magic of theatrical costumes, a dress by Chelsea Reece in a theater is a perfect fit. Prefer to be on the stage versus in the audience? No problem! Our dresses have been worn for auditions and in shows.

Theme Parks

What’s more magical than visiting a theme park or resort? Doing it in a dress by Chelsea Reece! They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and will surely be noticed by many. Match with your favorite character or stand out as yourself and create a truly special park day outfit. 


If the Eras tour has taught us anything, it’s that concerts are the perfect excuse to go all out outfit-wise. Don a dress by Chelsea Reece dress for your next concert and be prepared for lots of attention! And no need to worry about the concert’s bag policy… The dresses has pockets!! They’re big enough to hold everything you need without hindering your ability to dance. Just make sure your section has room for twirling! 


You’ll be the bell of the ball wearing a dress by Chelsea Reece to a school dance! Perfect for twirling to a pop song or slow dancing, a dress by Chelsea Reece is the perfect accessory to a formal school event! 



From cruise ship formal nights to exploring a new city, our dresses have been approved by our community as a must have for travel plans. Our dresses have been taken on both domestic and international trips and are the perfect vacation outfit. 


Ever see those truly picturesque Pinterest posts with the perfect picnic set up and a matching fabulous outfit? Us too. Bring that vision to life with a dress by Chelsea Reece at an outdoor picnic. It’s beautiful when twirling to music or sitting peacefully under a shady tree. And if you spill anything from your picnic on your dress, don’t stress! Every dress is easy to clean! 

Afternoon Tea

Want to feel like you’ve entered the regency era? Wear a dress by Chelsea Reece to a tea room! Pair the dress with a fascinar and gloves to sell the look. Pinky’s up! 




Whether it’s engagement photos, a pregnancy announcement, family portraits, or taking some pictures for the socials, our dresses are photoshoot approved.  We want to help you feel and look beautiful. 

Kentucky Derby Day

The Kentucky Derby is known for being a preppy person’s dream. The beautiful dresses and elegant outfits are the perfect backdrop for a dress by Chelsea Reece. Sipping mint juleps while watching majestic horses in a beautiful dress sounds like the perfect Chelsea day to us! 

Out on the town

Brunch with the girls? A date? Perusing a bookstore or flower shop? Getting a latte at a local cafe? Window shopping? Visiting an art exhibit? Chelsea Reece dresses were made to make you feel beautiful on both ordinary days and extra special days! Casually wearing a dress by Chelsea Reece around town makes any day more magical and yes, you will look like the main character. 


The search for the perfect bridal shower/birthday/baby shower/New Year’s Eve/anniversary/holiday party dress stops here! Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, a special occasion, or just being together, a dress by Chelsea Reece is both festive and functional! 



Even though weddings are celebrations, I felt like it needed its own separate paragraph because these dresses are seriously PERFECT for weddings! As a guest, the dress is the perfect choice as it’s formal enough without being uncomfortable. Our dresses are perfect for dancing in (that was the original inspiration for the dress!) and will look timeless in photos. We have had brides wear our Odette Ivory dress as their wedding dress and it is absolutely stunning. Simple yet elegant and practical to wear again even after you say “I Do”. I am also convinced that Chelsea Reece dresses would make for PERFECT bridesmaid dresses because a) they look great on every size/are available in many sizes b) they are gorgeous when photographed c) they come in some great colors and d) THEY HAVE POCKETS! I was in a wedding recently and, although I loved the dress I was in, it didn’t have pockets so I was constantly passing my phone, lipstick, and wallet back and forth between friends who had pockets. I am waiting for the day we see an entire bridal party in dresses by Chelsea Reece. Calling it now. (If you’re interested in dressing a bridal party, you can use code YESGIRL to order 4 dresses and get 1 free!) 

Where are you planning to wear your Chelsea Reece dress? Let us know on TikTok or Instagram. We love hearing from you! 



Chelsea Reece Social Media Manager