A $300 shot

A $300 shot

If you are here from reading the first post -- thank you.  You are a true MVP.

If you are just popping in -- thank you. You, too, are a true MVP.  

Why? Well, it's because the customers are truly what made this dream come true.  

A little recap from the last blog:  We introduced who Teresa is.  In this blog, we are going to go over the origins of the very beginning of Chelsea Reece.

Teresa and I talk everyday and not just because we work together.  Teresa and I have communicated on the regular for YEARS. It's honestly a part of each of our routine at this point.  Over this time, we've laughed, cried, and shared dreams and ideas. 

Most of the ideas Teresa would share always was from an artistic approach or involved design. For example, an idea that she threw at me back in 2020 was reimagining princesses with a Latin flair (calling back to some of her own cultural roots.) Here's a picture of her Punz inspired design deep from the FB messenger archives:



So, it was no surprise to me when back in November, Teresa sent me a message about designing a dress.  Teresa was entering an entrepreneurial program at her community college and she needed a product.  It was a no brainer to her that she would design. 

With a Thanksgiving dinner to go too and a National Dog Show to watch, Teresa decided she would sew her own dress for the occasion.

Teresa in the first prototype


This was also the moment Teresa decided that she would not be able to sell dresses sewing them herself.  So with only $300 in her pocket, she contacted manufacturers and got a sample together. (Talk about an over-achieving student)

This sample became her school project. The sample would be used for initial photoshoots and used for graded assignments. It would also be the sample that Teresa would place on TikTok and gain viral success.

I remember when it went viral. Teresa called me saying "I'm trying not to have a panic attack."  Teresa was so overwhelmed with ALL the emotions. From excitement to what the heck do I do now. After crying into her steering wheel, she called her professor Jon. Jon being the wise professor he is, advised to get a pre-order together! Teresa took a breath and put on her CEO pants. The ball began to roll quickly...

I'll be continuing this story next week.  Thank you for being with us.  We are still getting this company flying so if you can follow us on FB we would truly appreciate it. Follow us on FB and use the code FBFollower for free shipping. 

Catch ya next week



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