Questions We Get Asked Often

Questions We Get Asked Often

Hi friends!

This week, we’ll be talking about some of the questions we get asked on the regular. Some of these questions we’ve answered before on our FAQ page, but some have only been answered in DMs or comments. We love hearing from our community, as it really helps in moving the company forward and planning ahead! If you have any questions for us that aren’t answered in this article, feel free to send us a message on Instagram or Facebook

Will you be making longer versions of the Dream dress?

We hear you in our comments, DMs, and emails, and the answer is YES! Longer dresses are here!! The Madonna dress is our first midi length dress, available now in two beautiful colors! The original Dream dress was designed to hit near the knee to give off a fabulous and sophisticated flare. But we know that so many of you have asked for a longer version, and we want to provide you with that option! 

Why doesn’t the dress have built in shorts instead of a skirt? 

We intentionally designed Chelsea Reece dresses to have a four way stretch skirt underneath to provide coverage when twirling. Chelsea Reece CEO/founder Teresa was inspired to make a dress perfect for twirling with an underskirt after dancing at a wedding and being afraid of exposing herself. So, the skirt under the dress is a crucial design point; almost as important as the dress’s ability to twirl! Although shorts would be great for preventing chafing, it introduces a new problem with accessibility and comfort. Although many people like to wear thin shorts in addition, we intentionally choose to make it a skirt to have the dress be more accessible for all Chelsea Reece friends. The skirt is thin enough that it doesn’t hinder your ability to dance and is comfortable to wear with a thin pair of shorts. 

Will you be making children's sizes for any of the dresses? 

Yes! We are so excited to finally have a Chelsea Reece dress that is available in children’s sizes! Our Journey dress in Cloudy Blue is available in both adult and children’s sizes, making for the perfect matching pair. The children’s dress has a zipper back, 4 way stretch underskirt, and, of course, pockets! With hairbows to complete the ensemble, it’s the perfect outfit for adventuring, no matter what age you are! 

Do you guys ship worldwide?

We have partnered with Shopify to manage all of our shipping and handling. They have a great network of carriers that makes it easy for us to get our Chelsea dresses to most everyone who wants one! We are able to ship internationally, but just be aware of higher shipping rates that may be necessary for it to get to you! We are excited to be building Chelsea Reece communities not just domestically, but globally! If you have any questions on if we ship to you, feel free to email us at

Are your dresses only made for ballerinas? 

Absolutely not! Our dresses are made for anyone and everyone! We typically use dancers in our modeling/content because they do a great job of demonstrating the fluidity and how twirl-able the dress is. But it is made for everyday wear! You can check out last week’s article to see our suggestions of places to wear your Chelsea Reece dress

Do you do custom orders?

Our dresses are made based on predetermined patterns that our manufacturer can not stray from. Asking to add a few more inches, sleeves, or specific measurements would be like asking them to make a new pattern for every single order! So unfortunately this is something we are unable to do at this time. To combat this, we released the Madonna and Journey lines with both a corset back and a side zipper. The zipper helps maintain the dress’s shape while the corset adjusts it to fit your silhouette. It’s a compromise to the custom dress request that we hope is an even better solution! 

How can I model for you?

We are honored that so many beautiful people would be willing to pose in our dresses. We choose models based on a few criteria. 1. What sizes we have available to use for a shoot. 2. Where we are going to be for the photoshoot. 3. Who’s available when we are! We’ll put a call out on our Instagram for models when we need them, so keep an eye out there! We’re always looking for beautiful people who radiate kindness, goodness, and magic to represent our brand. 

I hope you enjoyed reading some of our most asked questions as a startup dress company! If you have any additional questions, you can let us know at Chelsea Reece on Facebook or @bychelseareece on Instagram. Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to see you twirl! 



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