Meet the Madonna Dress

Meet the Madonna Dress

Hello friends!

We are so excited to share the newest addition to our Chelsea Reece catalog, the Madonna dress! The Madonna collection is classic, elegant, and oh so beautiful. We wanted to dedicate a blog post to this new addition and let you all know what makes this dress so special.

Midi length 

We hear you loud and clear in our comments and DMs. A midi length dress is FINALLY here! Perfect for both formal events and daily adventures, the Madonna dress is your new closet staple. With a longer skirt, you have even more gorgeous fabric to twirl with. 

Linen material

Similar to our Chelsea & Journey collection, this dress is made of linen-cotton blend instead of a satin blend like the Dream dress. We went with linen for the Madonna dress because it is lightweight, breathable, and more casual for everyday wear. 

The corset back

We are SO excited to release more dresses by Chelsea Reece with a corset back. Having a corset back will make our dresses more accessible, and more customizable than ever before. The corset back can modify the dress up to four sizes, so it can be worn time and time again. 

The side zipper

Having a side zipper under the arm allows for a sleek look while also accommodating for the corset back. It makes the dress easier to get on by yourself and holds the structure of the dress together. It is the magic behind this dress, allowing for it to maintain its form while also letting the corset create your desired silhouette. 

Bra cups

Just like the rest of the Chelsea Reece line, the Madonna dress has built in bra cups. These cups are not too thick that they add unnecessary bulk to the dress, but help maintain the shape of the dress and allow for comfortable wear. 

4 way stretch underskirt

The Madonna dress will feature our signature 4 way stretch underskirt. This skirt is an essential piece to the Chelsea Reece design, and helps to make the dress easy to wear while twirling. It is light enough not to hinder movement, while still providing coverage for maximum twirl-age. 

Synthetic Horsehair Lining 

One of the unique things about our linen collections is that there is no crinoline lining underneath. As much as we love the poof that comes with the Dream dress, we wanted to provide our Chelsea community a variation that is more practical for day to day and less expensive. The solution was a synthetic horsehair netting underneath the dress for a beautiful twirl for less. The horsehair is NOT made from horses, but is a thin plastic that assists in maintaining the dress’s style for all of your adventures. 


It wouldn’t be a Chelsea Reece dress without pockets. All of our dresses have pockets deep enough for all of your essentials. Once you start wearing Chelsea Reece dresses, it will be hard to go back to pocket-less outfits. :) 

We hope you love the new Madonna line as much as we do. The Madonna dress in Poppy and Mirage are available NOW for purchase at



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