Ways To Support Us As A Small Business

Ways To Support Us As A Small Business

Hi friends!

We’re back with another Chelsea Reece blog post! This week we’re talking about ways you can support us as an up-and-coming business. There's a lovely saying that goes, "Behind every small business, there's a big dream." Our journey began with a simple yet passionate dream: to craft dresses that make every individual feel radiant and confident. Being a startup business can be exciting and scary at the same time. Sometimes it feels like you have all the answers, and at other times, none of them. The Chelsea Reece community is really what keeps us going, and your support means the absolute world to us. If you've ever wondered how you can support this dream, here are some of our favorite ways:

Purchase something from our shop

The first and most obvious way to support us is by shopping with us! Whether you're buying or browsing, we love it when you visit our online store. We appreciate that so many of you think of us when you’re in need of a dress fairy godmother. 

Spread the word

Telling your friends, family, colleagues, and strangers about our company is one of the best ways to support us. Word of mouth is truly the most sincere compliment, and we always love to hear that a new friend found us through a member of the Chelsea Community! 

Gift the experience 

Know someone with an upcoming special occasion? A gift card from our store might just be the sprinkle of magic they're looking for. You can help them pick out a dress and daydream about twirling together! 

Interact with us on social media 

When you like, share, or comment on our social media posts, it's like a virtual applause. We love spending time with you all online. Getting to know you and seeing your adventures in Chelsea Reece dresses is one of our favorite things! 

Write a review 

We recently introduced reviews to our site so our community can share their thoughts on our products and customer service. We love hearing about where  you take your Chelsea Reece dresses and what you think about the product. Did our dress make your day extra special? We'd be over the moon to hear your story. Leave us a review or share a picture; it's like sending a warm hug our way.

Read our blog posts :)

If you’ve gotten this far, then you’re a true Chelsea Reece friend ❤️ We put a lot of time and effort into the content that we share, and we love knowing that you read our blogposts! 

Join us at events

We’re starting to plan some exciting events for our Chelsea community to come meet us IRL! We are looking forward to spending time with so many of you at the Dapper Day Expo on November 11th & 12th at Disneyland. Our Chelsea Reece community traveling near and far to join us at events means the world to us. 

Your support means so much to us, and we appreciate you being a part of our Chelsea Reece community. 



Chelsea Reece Social Media Manager